Four Reasons to Downsize to a Park Home

Four Reasons to Downsize to a Park Home

There are now over 250,000 Brits living in residential park homes, with one of their most popular reasons for doing so being that they’re great for downsizing.

They’re an especially attractive proposition to those older residents whose children have flown the nest and are now looking for a smaller, more manageable property.

We’re going to take a look at just four reasons you might wish to consider downsizing to a park home.

They’re low maintenance

Compared to a traditional bricks and mortar home, park homes require a lot less looking after.

Parks homes are always relatively newly built, meaning that you shouldn’t have to carry out any repairs or maintenance for at least a few years.

They’re also only one storey high, which makes them a lot easier to look after. Parks may even have their own maintenance team who will be happy to come out and assist you if any issues were to arise with the property.

Bigger than you might think

You might think that a park home is going to be too much of a step down in terms of space, but they’re actually a lot more spacious than people realise.

Park homes are just the right size to be small enough to be manageable, but big enough so that you don’t feel cramped.

Park homes are also fitted out with all of the latest modern appliances to make you feel at home.

And it’s not just the home itself. The parks themselves are also very open and quiet and set in acres of beautiful greenery.

You’ll also often have your own garden which you can tend to if you wish.

They’re safe and secure

It’s always important to ensure that your house and family are safe and secure, and you can definitely rest easy in a park home.

The park itself will be situated well away from other residential areas and will have a lot of security measures in place such as security cameras and a key fob system to let yourself in.

Parks also have a great sense of community, with everyone looking out for one another, which can be very reassuring when moving house, and something which is sadly lacking in a lot of communities.

More affordable

When compared to a traditional home of a similar size, park homes represent outstanding value.

This is partly because while you own the home itself outright, you won’t actually own the land that it’s situated on.

This also means that you’ll be in council tax ‘Band A’, the lowest band, which will save you a lot on your monthly outgoings.

As you can see in this article from This is Money, those who have retired abroad have actually found it to be much cheaper to retire to a UK park home, due to the falling value of the pound.

For more information on why park homes can be such a great option when downsizing, check out this great infographic from Sell My Park Home.

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